Having just awoken from a long winter hibernation a bear scoops a pawful of sweet honeycomb from a wild beehive. Despite the thick cloud of bees swarming about its head, the bear languidly feasts on the delicious honey, as content as can be.

At The Honey Paw we aim to deliver the same experience for our guests, minus the bees.  Instead of honeycomb we look to steaming broths, savory wontons, and wok-fried noodles to hit that same sweet spot. 

Join us all day, grab a seat at our bar, or tuck into a bowl of noodles at our large communal table.  If you’re on the go, arrange for some take-out-we’ll have it waiting for you. 

The Honey Paw is owned and operated by Big Tree Hospitality.



Open 11am–10pm

Closed Tuesdays

Sunday Brunch




Andrew Taylor

Lars Taylor
Chef de Cuisine

Kim Rodgers
Pastry Chef


Mike Wiley

Valerie Goldman
Sous Chef

Amy Caramante

Valerie Goergen
Assistant Manager

Arlin Smith
General Manager/Owner

Sean McGuire
Sous Chef

Kevin Nelson
Bar Manager



We are always interested in connecting with potential employees. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a genuine sense of hospitality, eagerness to learn, and a strong work ethic. Bring a resume and cover letter to 78 Middle Street or inquire at info@thehoneypaw.com.